Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!

It’s been a crazy week for me. Studying every day, lots of exams and I also started this blog.
In fact, I’m starting a new weekly article, it’s about my favourites from every week. It will be called (as it’s said in the title) Weekly Favorites.
I hope you enjoy it and also I’d love to hear about some of your weekly favourites as well.
Lot of kisses,


Fave Quote ♥


I really like this quote from the first moment when I saw it. Is a truth as a temple. Also it’s from John Lennon, my favourite Beatle.

I always been a very honest person since  I was a child. This might have not got me a lot of friends. (Who needs 100 friends ?) Because sometimes, people don’t like to see or listen the truth. They rather to keep believing in their truth and thoughts. But also, this has given me the most beautiful and true friends. Being honest gets you the right friends for being reliable and a person which you can trust anytime.

Fave Song ♥ 

Catch & Release – Matt Simons (Deepend remix)

I absolutely love this song. It has a smooth flow and I just love it. It istantly put me in a good mood. Really good vibes.

Fave Accessory ♥ 

Sparkle Golden Clutch from Parfois

My mum found this cool bag and she couldn’t stop from buying it for me. Its aboslutly gorgeous with all the shiny dots. I think it’s a great accessory when you are wearing all black and then you add this and boom !! It gives you light and glam to the outfit.


Fave Ted Talk  

I’m a huge fan of Ted Talks. Almost every day I spent a few minutes to listen to some Ted talks. They just inspire me, aside from all the knowledge that brings me.

So the question is… Would you like to succeed in life? If your answer is yes and you would like to know how to do it… Get more sleep.

How to suceed? Get more sleep – Ted Talk

What are you favorites of the week? Do share! I love hearing from you.



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